Travelogue- Brabican Center



The psychogeographic theory, developed by Guy Debord in the late 50′ teach us that spaces provke thoughts and that thoughts create new spaces. the georgaphy of our life, is not objective, and can be explored sujectively. Debord proposes to detour our path out of the urbanistic constrictions and explore the city in an alternative way. The doutrnment is a techinique that want to explore the reflexivity of a subject following routes already designe by somebody else; it rebels to a static and objective reality while embracing the interior movement of the counciousness through space, boundless, floating, ‘deriving’.

In my travelogue, I present a series of photograph in an exagerated wide angle that aims at portaing the circular prospective of space that the human’s eyes perceive when looking around. In the Barbican center, I perceived how the past idea of industrial conformity within the community, is hiding itself from the present reality of the technocratic city life. By this binary I constructed a travelogue that aims at exploring the way a space is expereinced in groups, a tought that within the burtalist architecture of the Barbican center has also an historical link i.e. how politics where experienced and the functionality of the central square an of open spaces; on the other side I had no difficulty in finding solitary individuals, who enter this architechtonic example of mass culture, bringing with them their individualistic attitude which is influenced by the financial district outside.





    • The situationist used to describe it as a moment of conciousness.
      The psychogeographic practice relates our mind to the environment that surrounds it; hence by fostering the exploration of ‘alternative’ locations and routes, the mind would have also opened to new unexplored places and links within itself.

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