Electronic Distubances for Alter Globalization protests

The digital virus spreads through the datasphere the way biological virus spreads through our body. While a virus nucleus, its message, is covered  by”protein coat” ,  when it navigates, attaches and penetrates into the cells of the host body.

The protein shell of the media virus is the “meme” . It ca be an invetion,event,a music riff,visual image,system of tought,scientific theory etc.. as long as it attracts our attention. (Ruskoff, 1994, p. 11-12)The main element of the meme success is not irony but , to be mobile, easily replicable and well suited for the ecosystem that it has to travel.(Boyd, 2002)

Modern movement of social resistance have understood that the web is an instrument for spreading ideas and gaining global support but they had to become virtual organizations: without central office,archives or fixed membership.

They engaged in acts electronic resistance that differ from cyber crimes since they don’t destroy systems, but are programmed to disturb them. The Electronic civil disobediance, is a partecipative action from down below, that hits a software without anonymate and hyper sophistication.

FloodNet, is the example.It is a tool for web jamming created to support the 90’s protests of the Zapatistas  community claiming the indipendence of the state of Chipas in . The FloodNet(work) targeted the URL of the Mexican Governament website and by refreshing and reloading its page for several times per minutes , blocked th site for an hour.Several error log spammed on the website, including the names of the dead farmers . It encouraged interaction between individual protesters that could send their political concerns with justice or democracy to the server error log thus causing the server to return messages like “Democarcy not found on this server” or the Error 404 page.  8000 people have been registered reloading  on a Java Script.

Thanks to international partecipation on FloodNet Zapatistas farmers reached  support in the information space  that generated waves of protests from foreign journalist and activists .Zapatistas even received the support of the European Union that condemned the president Zedillo and invited him to re-initiate the peace process. The latest development laws like Plan Cañadas are focused on suppressing future upraisals of the area instead of improving quality of life, maybe is time for nother action of electronic civil disobedience .


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Culture Jamming and the shifts to Conscious Advertisement




The idea that  unrelated concepts or events could be linked and remembered over time, was drawn from experiment’s fundings  of psychologist Ivan Pavlov, where a dog , salivated,to an object signifier rather than food signified  has sprawl among psychologists generating the job of many semioticists nowadays.

Corporations hire semiotics who can come up with fresh imaginary links that could generate stimulus over the latest can of drink or insurance deal. Overabundance has made of advertisement a technique for eluding the consumer that a certian product has satisfying power on our profound needs.


Different adverestisements promise the same things: not a soap, not a resturant, but Youth and Strenght






Best brands make the consumers rotate around an “Attraction Economics” whose communication inspires and irrational devotion. Hence our  future presents are wrappeds into  abstract ideas and symbols like power love and patriotism that replace genuine descriptions.

Responses are predicted through psychological, neurological findings,while verbal and tricks are used to harness repulsion. Presumptions, for example are definite descriptions ,iterative verbs and syntactic constructions. They confront with a dogmatic truth, supported either by a majority of consensus or an emotional cause.

Moreover the implicit and funny language of  advertisemant  works on a different level than the one of rational communication: by focusing on the mental links that animals build between unrelated items,it guides the consumer’s imagination to form intended meanings.

But the final meaning is not the only thing advertisement build on and hid. By constructing brand image, advertisement also create a bigger distance between the producer and the consumer. The screen to the production ethics and processes, that advertisement  is, creates a “unbalanced” relationship, in which people are subordinated to the needs and lifestyle advertised   that are in turn formulating ( factious) collective desires and needs.

The practice of cultural jamming and semiotic terrorism aims at freeing people from this subordination by subverting word tricks and logos to reveal the hidden reality behind the familiar bra-ad.


Adverisment Jamming in occasion of the COP2 last year, Paris















365dff3effb69cb254aa5cabb1773034Most jammings are protests,which use the informal power of advertisement to generate awakening toughs. Intrusive advertisement disrupting lifestyle and objects try  tocommunicate the need for getting out of the functional system and look at the ourselves as part of bigger world and its social and ecological happenings …promising physical and spiritual wellbeing instead of packacges of abstract concepts and (cheap) materialistic satifaction.