Virtual Reality Headset

f Are you ready for the 2016 release of Virtual reality glasses for the general public use?

Well I did some research about this icredible object and till now I have discovered that the merit for it goes to the young Luckey Palmer who was the first to manage to reduce the effect of nausea when moving in the virtual reality thus making it finally accessible.


Apparently glasses showing a parallel reality existed since first world war when they were used for military trainings. What I couldn’t find was what this first glasses were working and how they looked like…

I am  definetly interested in the development of this object to how we know it now. Where are the orignial roots of the idea of virtual reality?

We are getting closer to their release. With the refined technology we own now the headset could be used in many functional ways (medical surgery exercises, flight perfomances and still, military training) and I personally  love the games which were set for the VR use…


This is “Night Cafe” an award-winning virtual reality experience that takes you inside of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting “The Night Cafe.” In the experience you are able to walk around inside the painting, even exploring beyond the canvas (be sure to look out the window in the back room for an awesome easter egg). The experience dazzles with some of the most gorgeous visuals we have seen in VR.

(All ThingsVR)

However we must consider how they are going to affect our social and private life. The idea of a cyber-real social media can be really Dangerous, that is why I must check if there are any limitations for they usage. Powerful objects require wisdom and we do know that there isn’t that much around nowdays.

So, let’s jump in:

Wired website

Science Blogs

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A Blog Around the Clock


Some cartaceus alternatives such as articles i Focus Magazine, Wired again, Cosmos and Discover…

And finally I will try to reproduce the story of the VR Headset with images searching in the Science Museum Archives.


The Virtual reality glasses are almost a mythological object that we just heard about too many times but never tryed, I will find out why and how is going to be when we will actually wear them.






Ad- Busters!

Adbuster is a no-profit, reader supported magazine that deals with the environmental and cultural degradation in an anarchistic way.

With articles spacing from psychology to politics the authors always find a way to criticize capitalism (or the “Economic Logic Freaks”), consumerism and all the things that go with them.

Witness the Madness

…Far more pernicious are the subtle changes in law and language that is making addressing climate change very difficult indeed. In Florida, for example, government officials have been ordered to not even mention global warming. And in North Carolina, lawmakers changed the law to prevent government officials from using current sea level rise projections in policymaking…

The Monotony of Sleep and Sleeplessness

Shelly and Courbet, for example, are two who understood that sleep was another form of historical time – that its withdrawal and apparent passivity also encompassed the unrest and inquietude of becoming that was essential to the nascence of a more just and egalitarian future. Now, in the twenty-first century, the disquiet of sleep has a more troubling relation to the future. Located somewhere on the border between the social and the natural, sleep ensures the presence in the world of the phasic and cyclical patterns essential to life and incompatible with capitalisme monotony of sleep and sleeplessness

— Jonathan Crary is Professor of Modern Art and Theory at Columbia University. Excerpted from his recent book, 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep

Sleep as rest against velocity of our dynamic society. If these authors met Walter Gropius the funder of Buahaus school of Design they wuold have probably started a riot.

Embracing rest, stop in the middle of the rat race  they are going against the great exictement for production and constant unrest which was embraced by the modernists back in the 20′.

The magazine’s design is unconventional and aims at shocking the reader. ab122cover-spine.pngAB119_web_large


Standing for sustainism, anarchism,modernism, anticapitalism, antiglobalization they organize activistic campaings like the world-know “Occupt Wall Street”  and the “Buy Nothing Day”

Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against consumerism celebrated annually just after Thanksgivng

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As the year-end approaches keep in mind that an object will

Since the early 1990s, Buy Nothing Day has inspired worldwide personal and collective action against consumerism. Buy Nothing Day isn’t just about changing your habits for one day it is about rediscovering what it means to live freely.